REST Interface

Create a representation of a RESTful interface in your event model.

The REST type supports the following safe and idempotent methods:

PATCH is also supported, although it is not considered safe or idempotent because it typically changes a resource.

To create a RESTful interface representation:

  1. With cursor focus on the interface object:

    • Press Shift+Enter.


    • Right-click and choose Edit from the context menu.

  2. In the Interface panel, click the Designer tab.

  3. Select REST from the Interface Type list.

    1. Click the + plus icon.

      The GET verb is added by default.

    2. To change the verb, click the menu arrow in the Endpoint Editor.

    3. Enter the path to the resource (endpoint URL).

    4. Repeat for each method you need to model.

      Edit the method or its path using the provided fields.

      Click the trash can to delete an endpoint.

  4. Click Save.

    Interface Designer REST
    Interface Editor REST GET example
    You can edit the Name or Description of the interface in the Details tab.
  5. To exit the Interface Designer and return to the model canvas, click the X, or click anywhere on the model canvas.