Welcome to oNote docs!

Welcome to the documentation for the oNote event modeling application.

What is oNote?

oNote is a software platform purpose-built for event modeling. The model provides a visualization of an event-driven system that is straightforward for multiple personas to understand. An event model is the blueprint from which system architects, developers, and business stakeholders can build modern software applications. An oNote event model bridges the gap between technical and non-technical teams.

With today’s distributed enterprise software platforms and their distributed workforces, it’s more critical than ever to have online collaborative tools. Sticky notes placed on a whiteboard is an archaic method of system design, and one that cannot be readily preserved and evolved digitally like those designed with oNote. Nor can you generate schemas and code from an analog model like you can with an oNote digital model, where your schemas and generated code can evolve along with your model.

Design and development cannot be done in silos. For successful projects, all team members need to align their work to the design represented by the model. Teams can use oNote to build a model for both new and existing software systems.

What are the main benefits of using oNote?

  • Intuitive event model application with guardrails in place for creating valid models.

  • Ability to export and import models in JSON to share with colleagues, reuse model modules, commit to a repo, or back up to another safe location.

  • Generate code and schemas for better productivity and integration with your event systems ecosystem.

Do I have to pay for oNote?

There is a Starter plan that is a free tier. You can view the available plans in the Subscriptions page. Upgrade your plan to take advantage of more features that can improve your productivity.