Generate Avro code

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Generate Apache Avro code from an event model with defined schemas. When you generate Avro from oNote, a zip archive file that contains an .avpr file is downloaded to your Downloads directory. An .avpr file is a JSON representation of an Avro protocol, which is a collection of schemas.

The Avro Protocol file defines the RPC interface for commands and read models. A use case for an Avro Protocol file is to define a gRPC client or server.

The generated archive also contains Avro Schema files for events, which can be used with the Confluent Schema Registry. Manage your Avro schemas in Confluent Control Center or Confluent Cloud.

For more information about Avro, see the Apache Avro documentation.


  1. Create or import an event model

  2. Define its schemas

To generate Avro:

  1. Open the model that has defined schemas.

  2. From the left navigation menu, click Implement  Generate Avro.

The Avro protocol file is generated in zip format to your Downloads directory.