Figma Interface

This feature requires a paid subscription plan for oNote.

Include your Figma wireframe directly into your model.

If you don’t use Figma for wireframes, you can mock up your interface with the HTML feature.


To create a RESTful interface representation:

  1. With cursor focus on the interface object:

    • Press Shift+Enter.


    • Right-click and choose Edit from the context menu.

  2. In the Interface Designer tab, select the Figma option.

  3. Paste the Figma URL to your wireframe in the Figma URL field.

  4. Click and drag the Size slider to size the wireframe as it should appear on the main canvas.

  5. Click Save.

    Figma wireframe URL
    Interface Figma wireframe
  6. To exit the Interface editor and return to the model canvas, click the X in the Interface Editor, or click anywhere on the model canvas.